Book a Magic Instructor

Who doesn’t want to know how the magic is done. Book one of our magic instructors to teach your curious magi-in-training.
This is ideal for:

  • School special learning experience
  • Family learning night
  • Class visitation
  • Camp workshop

We bring an instructor to your event, and in some cases, we also bring some of our senior young magicians. All you need to do is provide a table and a space for us to teach. We bring all the materials required for the magic that we teach. Your attendees then enjoy the demonstration, the secret behind the illusion, and then learning how to perform it.

The format is quite flexible, ranging from one hour in the evening, to several days of in depth magical experience.

Our instructors have taught at:

  • Island Lakes Community School
  • Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp

We request an honorarium for this type of engagement. The funds are used to operate the SYM program in Manitoba.

Make your event special by booking the SYM Magic.

Complete this form to request or inquire about Book SYM Magic. One of our instructors will contact you to answer your questions and make arrangements.