Stage Showcase

Our Stage Showcase takes place in May. All SYM members in good standing are encouraged to participate. Even if you are new to performing or have only one or two tricks that you do well, we would still like to see you in the showcase.

The location of the Stage Showcase will be decided each year, though typically we hold it at the theatre at Lions Manor.

Friends and family are invited to enjoy the show. Often residents of the Lions Manor will also attend.

Stage magic is something you would perform from a stage. This usually involves larger props and may involve volunteers. Don’t worry if you don’t have “stage” magic. Participate with the magic that you have.

This showcase is modeled after a real stage magic show. There is an Master of Ceremonies (MC), so you will need to write an introduction for yourself that the MC can use. Your act will need a Tech Sheet to tell the stage hands, lighting and sound crew what they need to do for you. The on-site team is very helpful and will spend time with you to walk you through the process.

Lunch is provided for the performers only.

This is an adjudicated event and so we invite magicians from the Magic Club of Winnipeg to be judges. In addition to “scoring” the performance, we also conduct a debriefing feedback session after the formal showcase, when the judges will give suggestions for improvement on the specific performances and answer questions that you may have.