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We are glad to see your interest in Magic.

The Society of Young Magicians (SYM) is the junior section of the Society of American Magicians (SAM).
It was first brought to Canada by Bill Brace, with the first chapter being in Manitoba.
Since then, the SYM as been very active in Manitoba and is strongly supported by the adult’s Magic Club of Winnipeg.

We meet every two weeks during the school year.  See our Calendar for specific dates. There are two age groups.  The Mini-Wands for ages 7-9 meet at 10:00 am and the Top Hats for ages 10-17 meet at 11:30 am.

You are welcome to join at any time of the season.  The program is structured so that you can start at any time.
You are also welcome to try a session to see how you like it.  Parents/Guardians are welcome to stay as well.


Registration is in three parts.

  1. Registration with the local SYM Chapter
  2. Registration with the international SYM organisation
  3. Registration with the Riverview Community Centre

Total registration for the first year is $95 per person.

Click here for the 2023/2024 fee breakdown.

Registration with the local SYM Chapter

New members should complete the New Membership Request form below. Once a user name and password have been emailed to you, then you will be able to login and complete the New Membership process.

The registration fee is $40 per person.

Registration with International SYM

Initial registration with the international organisation requires a paper form.  It can be printed here International SYM Registration Form

You should complete the form, sign it, take a picture, and email the picture to

The registration fee is $30 per person.

Registration with Riverview Community Centre

This registration is done directly with the RVCC through their online registration at

The registration fee is $25 per person.

New Membership Request

Part of the membership process is to obtain Parental / Guardian consent. A consent form will be emailed to the parent / guardian when the New Membership is submitted. They can enter emergency contact information and provide their consent. The text of the consent can be reviewed in advance of receiving the email.

If you prefer, you can complete your registration by paper. You can request the form via email: