Learn Magic

If you are the ages of 7 through 17, and are interested in learning and performing magic, you’ve come to the right place.

We have classes, contests, parties, workshops, and more.

Darcy visits SYM class

Magic tricks and magicians are having a resurgence of popularity again thanks in part to performers like David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Mac King, and Penn and Teller. Many celebrities started out as young magicians including Johnny Carson, Dick Cavett, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Alexander, Muhammad Ali, Steve Martin, General Norman Schwartzkopf and Woody Allen.

Magic as a hobby?

It’s not just about the secrets. Performing the art of magic as a hobby produces some great positive results including:

  • Confidence by performing in front of people and entertaining them
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Discipline in the study of the craft
  • Trust in the keeping of secrets and methods
  • Friendships around the world with other fellow magic enthusiasts
  • Popularity and the ability to make new friends
  • Studies in art and culture

Is it hard to perform magic?

Like any art, it takes practice and a willingness to study. Of course it also has to be fun! Much like music lessons, some people play at home for family while others become concert maestros. Whether you perform magic for your friends or as a way to pay for college, amazing your audience can be a very rewarding experience.

History of SYM in Manitoba

Manitoba was the home of the first SYM chapter in Canada and was chapter number 7 internationally.

SYM was brought to Canada by Bill Brace. His grandson Carey Tardy is SYM member number 1.

Manitoba has a strong history of magic in people like: Darcy Oake, Dean Gunnarson, and Doug Henning.

You too can be part of the magic tradition in Manitoba.