Our Instructors

Our instructors are magicians from the Magic Club of Winnipeg. Some are hobby magicians, while others perform magic professionally.

Dan Wiebe
Executive Chair & Instructor

Magic is a hobby for Dan. He has been involved with SYM since 2001 and has been teaching magic since 2003. He is a member of the Society of American Magicians and a member of the Magic Club of Winnipeg. He was instructor at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp for eight years. Dan enjoys teaching but also performs on occasion.

Carey Lauder
Executive Treasurer & Instructor

Bob Barker
Executive Secretary & Instructor

Graham Wiebe

Graham started in magic at seven years old as a member of the SYM, and was a camper at Sorcerers Safari Magic Camp for seven years. Graham performed professionally as a young magician. He continues his interest today by volunteering as an instructor with SYM.

Others from Magic Club of Winnipeg

We are grateful for the support we get from the Magic Club of Winnipeg. They provide additional instructors for special occasions as well as judges for our annual contests.