Workshop Day

Do not miss our annual Workshop Day.

Professor’s Nightmare – Rope Magic

Perhaps the most anticipated day of the year, our Workshop Day is an all day (10-4) immersion into magic. The day consists of a number of workshop sessions, a hot dog lunch, and an opportunity for you to perform.

Svengali Deck

The sessions are different every year and may include:

  • Build your own magic prop.
  • Stage effects that need more space than is available at a class. eg. Dancing Cane.
  • Close-up effects that take more time than is available at a class. eg. Svengali routine.
  • Guest magician appearance.
Dancing Cane

The sessions are organized into streams so that attendees can choose the workshop sessions that are of most interest to them. Signup for the sessions takes place at the registration desk on the day of the event.

The Workshop Day is scheduled towards the end of January. The location will be decided each year, though typically we hold it in the basement of Fort Gary Mennonite Fellowship.


Our volunteers make the workshop run smoothly.

We appreciate the volunteer magicians from the Magic Club of Winnipeg, who instruct the sessions, assist attendees, and jam together.

We value the parents who volunteer. We need help to:

  • Staff the registration desk
  • Prepare and serve the lunch
  • Assist in the workshops
  • Cleanup

Registration for the Workshop Day

Registration for the Workshop Day is required. We need to know how many people will attend so that we know how much food is needed and how many workshop supplies we need to bring.

A parental/guardian permission slip is required for each young magician including emergency contact information.